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Essays.ph: The Calm After the Storm

In Essays.ph, Event, News on December 31, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Finally, Essays.ph scavenger hunt is already finished. No more unreasonable tasks, no more adrenaline rush due to shame, and no more reason to do this! As of today, the game is officially over, and teams are just awaiting for the announcement of the winners.

This Is How the Writers Felt After the Last Day of Essays.ph Scavenger Hunt

This Is How the Writers Felt After the Last Day of Essays.ph Scavenger Hunt

According to our sources, the result might come out during the first week of January 2013. Apparently, the writer of this post has the power to see the future (or is posting delayed articles), and he saw that it will not happen. However, many are still hoping to see the results before they die due to old age.


Hot Chick Testifies for Essays.ph in YouTube

In Essays.ph, News on December 22, 2012 at 4:56 am

Again, from our stock of old news in Essays.ph, we present to you this girl. This is Britney Del Carmen who is allegedly claiming that she is a writer in the company. Unfortunately, nobody has already seen her in person.

Essays.ph - Britney Del Carmen

Somebody is hiding this girl in Essays.ph from us

Many male writers are asking the admin staff who the hell and where the hell they can find this woman. Apparently, it is very rare that a girl with this caliber is writing on an online company. Nevertheless, many writers would surely appreciate if they even see this girl once.

As of this writing, the manhunt for this woman is still on the go in Essays.ph.

Essays.ph Winter Battlefield

In Essays.ph, Event, News on December 22, 2012 at 4:21 am

Christmas has beckoned Essays.ph once again. And in response to that, the management department has organized an event that writers will surely love (or they thought so). That event was titled Winterbattlefied.

Essays.ph Winter Battledield Poster

One of the Essays.ph editors has fallen.

It will happen in Market Market, Taguig at December 22, 2012, which is today. Apparently, the Doomsday prediction was unable to stop it. And because of that, writers from across the country will fight to the death.

They will be given guns, and they will be forced to shoot their comrades (just for fun). The estimated number of casualties is more than two hundred people. If you are a writer, and you got some guts, you must attend Essays.ph Winter Battlefield event.

Welcome to Writer’s Essays.ph

In Essays.ph, News on December 22, 2012 at 3:59 am

Here at Writer’s Essays.ph (or less commonly known as EPH or wEph), we will deliver you the hottest news about the company and it’s writers. Well, they are not actually news. They will be more of like gossips, or something.

Essays.ph Writers

Happy Writers Ain’t That Happy

Anyway, to make sure that you get the latest whatevers, just follow us, and tell the world that we are the best site evar. You can expect that you will read the dumbest and the latest. And if you create some back links for us, we will be happy as a puppy and we will give you some banana to munch on. That is all, welcome again to Writer’s Essays.ph.

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